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You are the children of your parents.

You are parent to your children.

You are parent to your parents.

You are children to your children.

Our Adult Day Health Care Center

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Healthy Nutritional Food

Our Adult Day Health Care provide a place where elderly adults who receive their primary care at home can go to interact socially, receive therapy and counseling, and get the help they need as they go through their day.

The patient’s primary caregivers are often family members such as adult children, and they can also benefit enormously from these programs. With the help from our Adult Day Care center, they can get the relief they need to devote time to work and family, or even take some much-needed time off. If you need to know that your loved one is happy and well cared for before you can enjoy yourself, you may be just the person to take advantage of an Adult Day Health Care facility.

We serve at least one hot meal and several nutritional snacks to all patients. All menus are planned by our qualified professional dietician. W can accommodate special dietary needs .

Our Adult Day Care services are especially appropriate for people who need:

  • Nursing care supervision
  • Assistance monitoring medication
  • Therapy designed to restore functioning
  • Prevent deterioration
  • Assistance in self-care activities;
  • Supervision during the day time hours to insure personal safety;
  • Help in coping with problems arising from any physical or emotional challenges
  • Homebound people who are socially isolated.

While most of our patients are elderly, we take on patients of all ages who need crapulous medical care and medical supervision. We do our best to provide an environment that is safe, caring, and supportive.

Free driver: Our Adult day Health Care provide free transportation, well-trained and helpful drivers who can pick patients up and bring them right to our door.


To ask questions or schedule an appointment to talk with us, please do not hesitate to call. We encourage prospective patients and their families to visit us first, and see our environment firsthand.

For more Information or schedule Free Appointment call our program director at:

Tel: 1-310-300-1111

Fax: 310-360-1575

1227 S. La Cieniga Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90035

As you are concerned about the needs for your self, your parents, an aging spouse or family member our Adult Day Health Care could change your life.

Whether you live close to your family member or across the country we can help. We can assist you with the social, medical, emotional that impact the well-being of your loved ones.

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